Helium Compressor Bug

There is a software bug turning off the helium compressor when you close sample chamber and “purge/seal” route commands are going on.

Two things to watch when you are using the SQUID:

1. The helium compressor has a loud chipping sound when it is on. You can hear it in lab room all the time. If you don’t hear it, it means the helium compressor is off.

2. You can see the status of helium compressor in the middle bottom of software. Usually it shows either “Recirculating” or “Recirc. and Filling”.(See below picture with red circle) It will show red color bar if the helium compressor is off.


When you change/remove sample, make sure the black cap is on top of sample chamber. Please wait at least 2 minutes between you open(flooding) and close(purge) the sample chamber.

Please contact our staff members immediately if you notice the helium compressor is off.